Gelatin Sheet For Cake

Have you ever made some delicious food in your life? Whether it is for family or children, or customers? So have you used gelatin before? Or have you used a gelatin sheet? Here we will introduce you to some knowledge about the gelatin sheet. Please pay attention to us, we believe that you will get a different harvest here.


As we all know, gelatin can be used to make a lot of delicious food. Such as mousse, jelly, aspic, etc. However, if it is a home user, using gelatin to make these foods will become troublesome and cannot be used well. Why is this happening?

First of all, we know that many food shows are now very detailed. How to make a dish, like, we can imagine how a jelly-like thing on the surface of the cake is made. If we use gelatin at this time, then we may need to open the bag and then take out our electronic scale. Then get the weight we need. This is very troublesome for us.


Secondly, if we still have different needs of jelly strength, then the situation may be even worse at this time, which means we need to reserve different levels of gelatin. This may greatly reduce their enthusiasm for food for the average family.


Again, it is troublesome when ordinary gelatin dissolves. why? Because the dissolution rate is slow, it cannot be used quickly.

So, what good is the gelatin sheet?

1. Each piece of film has a fixed weight, which means we can easily get it.

2. Different gelatin sheets have different freezing powers, and this has obvious explanations.

3. The gelatin sheets dissolve very fast, this is good news for us.

4. We only need to buy a box or a few boxes instead of buying dozens of kilograms as a reserve.


The benefits of the gelatin sheet are still a lot. For example, its hydrophilicity, etc., we will tell you in future products, now please start to consult us.

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