What is the Type of the cake decoration sprinkle?

What is the Type of the cake decoration sprinkle?


Sprinkles are traditional decorations used in cakes, bread, ice cream and so on that is start from European and American countries. And now a lot of candy manufacturers in China are very professional in sprinkle producing. Benefit from the advantages of labor and technology, the sprinkle manufacturer in China can produce the high quality and various types of sprinkle.  Regularly including shape candy, sugar pearls, jimmies, confetti and sanding sanding sugar. Now we are talking about different types of sprinkle.  


Shape Candy

Shape candy also called press candy, which is pressed out different shape from molds, like flowers, animals, cars and cartoon figures etc. The various shape and color make press candy very popular among the wholesale candy distributors. And some wholesale sprinkles manufacturers also can customized the shape candy as their demand to creative their own unique shape candy.  

 press candy.png

Sugar pearls

Sugar pearls is a kind of round sprinkle, like ball or pearls. So it is also called sugar balls or sugar beads. Typically size including 2mm, 4mm, 6mm ,8mm. 10mm. And also can do bigger size as 12mm and 14mm. Specially, the 2mm pearls or smaller ones also called nonpareils and some people also name them hundreds and thousands sprinkle. For it is tinny smaller size, it is very perfect in the decoration of all the dessert like cupcake, donut, ice cream and lollipop etc.  



Jimmies is very tradition in dessert decoration, which it is a kind of sprinkle like short needle.  And some people also called them rice and Vermicelli sprinkle. Typically, there is hard jimmies and soft jimmies. the difference between them is hard one is crisp, long and thin. And the soft one is more short and fat.

Tips:  The soft jimmies is easy for broken, it is better to pack in bottle.

 Jimmies .png


Confetti, sometimes also called cut dough, sequins or quins sprinkle. Different of the tridimension of press candy, confetti is slice sprinkle that thin like a piece of thick paper. Cut dough also can do a lot of shape, like round, start, flower and butterfly. Hollow confetti is one of the developed special beautiful confetti that them more lovely and elegant.  


Sanding sugar:

Sanding sugar, also means the crystal sugar, it is the white sugar we regularly use in common life. But for cake decoration, regular use difference size, like 6mesh, 15mesh and 40 mesh. With different color and surface and the clear feature, it is become a very special part of dessert decorate sprinkle.  

 Sanding sugar.png

The above are the general 5 types of the sprinkle, and each of them are different and unique.  You can choose different items to decorate your dessert as needed.  And more popular way is to use sprinkle mix that is put different sprinkle items together. Sprinkle mix give a thousands of ideas to create special sprinkle series for seasonal or daily life, like Valentines Sprinkle, Easter sprinkle, Halloween and Christmas series sprinkle. Sprinkle as a edible decorations for all the dessert, make the sweet food more colorful and meaningful.